Maese Perro, Dog Assisted Educational Program

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Dog Assisted Educational Program, “Maese Perro” (Dog Teacher)


It aims at creating a Dog Assisted Educational Program at the Colegio Público de Educación Especial Virgen de La Esperanza de Sevilla. It will benefit 60 students presenting diverse physical challenges (Oppure differently abled) and the pedagogical team.


The ‘Maese Perro Program’ has been conceived as a support program for professionals, allowing additional work and enhancement of key aspects along the educational path of differently abled students.

Dogs are in fact an ideal tool for therapeutical work, creating engaging and versatile opportunities including: empathy, self confidence, physical autonomy, psychomotricity, language, activities of daily living (ADLs), social interaction and relationships with the group members and playmates.

The Program represents a resource for the faculty, as professors are assisted by the Program team (?) to integrate and empower the regular course of studies. By adding this extra-ordinary and powerful tool of education, the Program integrates schooling with an instrument that is a true natural in catching students’ focus and is able to create a positive emotional environment that stimulates learning and interaction.


The ‘Maese Perro’ Program consists in 3 weekly sessions, of 60 minutes each, for 3 different groups of 8 assisted students during the last trimester/quarter of 2018. In total, 36 students will benefit of this Program during 3 months. The Program also includes 10 general socialising sessions for the 60 students of the Colegio Público de Educación Especial Virgen de La Esperanza de Sevilla.

The Program Team will split its activity between 54 hours (min.) of inter-team work dedicated to evaluation, feedbacks, tailored assessment of contents and goals of the sessions, and 46 hours of sessions with the students. Every session of 60 minutes will then require 90 minutes of team work, to be divided between pre-session meetings and post-session evaluations.’Maese Perro’ Program consists therefore in a total of 100 team working hours.

The complete information and guidelines of ‘Maese Perro’ are included in the Program Guide, at the following page : LINK



Maese Perro’ Program is already running and sessions with the pedagogic team of (di che centro parli?) will continue throughout the entire month of February, 2018.

Sessions with the students will occur on Wednesdays from 10 am to 12:30 pm, during the months of March, April and May 2018.

Evaluation and post-session meetings will be held in June, 2018, resulting in the publishing of the on-line Final Report.


The financing of ‘Maese Perro’ Program is divided in two entries, as for its development.

The financial founding required for Maese Perro, Programa de Educación Asistida con Perros para el Colegio Público de Educación Especial de Sevilla, Nuestra Señora del Amparo is a total of  € 4.000,00 tax included.

The amount covers the 100 working hours required for multidisciplinary team work, educational specialists work and dog therapy sessions required for the complete development of Maese Perro Program.

Every hour has an individual cost of € 40,00 tax included.

Toby Te Ayuda will contribute with its own founding, covering a 34% of the total budget : € 1.360 corresponding to 35 hours of team work.

Toby Te Ayuda aims at rising the remaining 64% of the budget at this Financing Round, corresponding to the remaining 64% of the budget : € 2.640 equivalent to 65 hours of team work.

The founding requested to this Financing Round will enable the realisation of ‘Maese Perro’ Program.


Toby Te Ayuda is a spanish NGO founded in 2012, its goal is to improve the life quality of differently-abled people thanks to the training of Therapy and Assistance Dogs, which are being employed in broader initiatives such as Social Aid Programs, Educational and Therapeutic Programs with Dogs and so on.

Thanks to its expertise and solid experience, Toby Te Ayuda is now able to design and execute a vaste range of Assisted Education and Assisted Therapy with Dogs for Special Education, Social Aid and Third Age Social Aid. These programs represent a supporting tool for professional specialists of education, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, rehabilitating therapists and more.

Toby Te Ayuda is a strong network of specialists and it works with 16 dogs which have been trained for assistance and therapy purposes. Toby Te Ayuda is also training dogs for specific support during its social aid programs, preparing them for specific tasks such as emotional therapy, third-age support and assistance and more.

In 2017 it has realised 5000 hours of interventions, sessions, education and assisted therapy.

Further information and content can be found on-line at our page :